LSMMA Gales of November

October 10, 2013

As autumn befell us this year, with more speed than recent memory we think on to November when the annual Gales of November Gala is held for the LSMMA. As in recent years past the Great Lakes Steamship Society will be attending, but this year they are armed with more photos, more updates, and much more solid plans in place than previous years as a great deal of progress was made this year. The Society is one step away from reaching their goal of acquiring the supercentenarian 110 year old JB Ford. It is hoped that with this final year of acquisition efforts that the funding to remediate the asbestos onboard can be raised and they can move swiftly into phase 2 of the plan and get the ship moved to Alpena, MI and begin restoration and cleanup of the vessel. All who are interested in the proejct are urged to join us for Gales on November 1, 2 at the DECC in Duluth. Please visit the Gales website for further information on lodging, events and schedule.


Gales website: