Shipwreck Str Henry B. Smith found

June 10, 2013

A mere couple of months shy of 100 years, the widely proclaimed "holy grail" of Great Lakes Shipwrecks, the Steamer Henry B. Smith has been located.

The Smith was one of nearly a dozen ships lost during the Great Storm of 1913, a storm which marks its 100th anniversary this coming fall. The Smith sailed under the banner of the Acme Transit company, a fleet owned an managed by the Hawgoods, the same people who built, owned and operated the Edwin F. Holmes, which sailed in the Commonwealth Steamship Company. The Smith was commanded at the time of her loss by James Owen, the Holmes' very first captain when she was new. The original story which came out in the news media a couple days ago came as a surprise since our efforts to preserve the last remaining Hawgood vessel, The JB Ford, formerly the Edwin F. Holmes the sole surviving vessel from the 1913 storm, while a surprise, it also serves as a very grim reminder of the awesome power of mother nature and the huge loss of life that the storm claimed over its duration. The full story, linked below can be found on the Duluth News Tribune website. Please continue to help us save the last great survivor.  More news to come soon.