GLSS Welcomes new staff member.

December 11, 2012

Shortly before the Thanksgiving holiday was upon us, our very good friend Patrick Labadie in Alpena told us of a friend of his who would like to join the group and help us in any way he could. He told me he gave the gentleman my contact information, and that he would call soon and told me his name was Dave Elder. Upon getting in touch with Dave, I learned that he was not only a former employee of Huron Cement and very familiar with the fleet inside and out, but he also was an attorney, and had specialized at one time in Admiralty Law. He said he was very excited to come aboard and offer his services to our group at no cost. So it with great pleasure that we welcome Mr. Elder to the group and will shortly be adding his biographical information to the about us section of the website. Please check back soon for more updates as we hope to have an update soon. We at the GLSS wish all of you a Merry Christmas, and a safe New Years.