GLSS Raises Awareness at Gales

November 6, 2011

Steve Haverty mans the GLSS exhibit table at the Gales of November event in Duluth

This past weekend on Friday November 4th, and Saturday the 5th, the Lake Superior Marine Museum Association held its annual Gales of November event at the DECC in Duluth, and this year the Great Lakes Steamship Society was an exhibitor and spent the entire event talking with people, and raising awareness about the historic JB Ford and our efforts and plans to save the ship. We were met with great enthusiasm by all who talked to us, many of which were unaware that the ship was in danger, and some thought she had already been scrapped. Some even thought we were talking about preserving an underwter shipwreck, unaware that such a historic vessel was still afloat and intact. And many who were aware of the Ford were even surprised to learn that she had such a colorful and amazing history.

We began officially accepting memberships in the Great Lakes Steamship Society, and took on 8 new members at the event, and several more will be joining soon.  An online membership sign-up form will also be available in the coming days is now available.  We thank all who joined us and supported us at the event and look forward to more in the coming future.

In conjunction with attending Gales we also last week launched a line of merchandise, that not only has custom designed logos for the Great Lakes Steamship Society featuring the JB Ford, but also we are introducing a line aimed at all boat enthusiasts featuring stack logos from past fleets, and eventually featuring beautiful artwork featuring color profiles of various vessels. Information to come as the line is developed.

With the Success of the Gales event, GLSS will be looking to be involved in more upcoming events over the winter and hopefully maximize awareness of the JB Ford. There will be another event coming up in January or February speaking at the marine museum on one weekend, and we will announce the details as soon as they are available.  With that we wish to offer a warm welcome to all our new members, and thank them for their support.